model naming of domestic capacitors-必赢亚洲国际

2020/7/23 14:55:41  |  source:jiaguan electronics

        the type of domestic capacitors generally consists of four parts (not suitable for pressure-sensitive, variable, and vacuum capacitors). they respectively represent name, material, classification and serial number.

       the first part: the name, expressed in letters, and c for capacitors.

       the second part: materials, expressed in letters.

       the third part: classification, generally indicated by numbers, and individually indicated by letters.

       the fourth part: the serial number, expressed by numbers.

       air conditioning parts capacitors use letters to indicate the material of the product: a-tantalum electrolysis, b-polystyrene and other non-polar films, c-high frequency ceramics, d-aluminum electrolysis, e-other material electrolysis, g-alloy electrolysis, h- composite media, i-glass glaze, j-metallized paper, l-polyester and other polar organic films, n-niobium electrolysis, o-glass film, q-paint film, t-low frequency ceramic, v-mica paper, y- mica, z-paper


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